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Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season is coming in hot, and for a lot of us that means travel. Whether it's for work or pleasure, travel takes us out of our normal routines, can be stressful at times, and can throw healthy habits for a loop. Although there's no way to avoid all the curveballs that come with travel, you can plan ahead and have a few tips in your back pocket to help you weather them like a pro!

I've said it a thousand times, and I won't be stopping anytime soon - planning ahead really is key people! I'm not talking extensive lists or in-depth plans here. Simply just knowing an overview of your travel schedule and celebrations for the holidays ahead can work wonders! Once you have an idea of where, when, and what, you can start putting a few plans in place around the details.

The first thing I pack, regardless of where I'm traveling to or how I'm planning to get there, is a stainless insulated water bottle. Sure, any reusable bottle would get the job done, but with stainless I can do either cold or hot beverages and keep them that way longer! Staying hydrated is an absolute must during travel! If you're traveling by plane, just make sure it's empty to go through airport checkpoints, and then fill it up once you get through security. If you're in the mood for coffee or tea just take your cup along to the coffee shop and ask them to put your beverage of choice directly into your cup!

I like to also make sure I bring along as much as I can that is part of my normal daily routine. For me this consists of things like travel sizes of my favorite personal care items, my daily vitamins, and collagen for my morning coffee. For some of those items that I can't find in travel size, I create my own with containers like these. The Vital Proteins collagen I prefer comes in hand sticks that are ready to roll and I use a super snazzy grandma pill organizer like this one for my vitamins. I use the pill organizer even when I'm not traveling! For me it makes it much easier to actually remember to take said vitamins if they're at my fingertips. I fill it up every Sunday as part of my "get ready for the week routine" and keep it in my work bag. Since I've found that I tolerate my vitamins best when I take them around lunchtime, this works best for me. You do you!

Y'all know me well enough by now to know, I'm not traveling without the snacks! Having snacks on hand is a non-negotiable! You never know when you may find yourself stuck at the airport or in traffic, and trust me - those times are much more bearable without the hanger! Nuts, jerky, bars, and baby food squeeze packs are my go-to items because they pack oh so well, and since they're non-perishable - they'll keep if you end up not needing them! Word of wisdom: baby food packs don't make it through airport security. I may or may not have gotten a couple confiscated at some point. Oops!

I also like to do some pre-research on food options so I can make an informed decision when the need arises. Whether it's your options at the airport or gas stations and restaurants along your drive, it's always helpful to be in the know. Now, as the daughter of a truck driver, allow me to offer you some gas station suggestions. Pilot, Flying J, Quik Trip, and Sheetz are your best bets for stops. They have the best snack selections by far with more fresh fruit and veggie options than most, and their bathrooms are generally a safe bet. You're welcome.

Quite possibly the most valuable tip to take with you on your holiday travel is to RELAX a little. Your routine is going to be interrupted...that's OK. You're going to enjoy food and beverages that you may not have on a normal basis...that's awesome! Your exercise routine may look a little different...roll with it! There's a difference between being mindful about your choices and opting for foods and activities that support your overall health, and becoming consumed with making the "right" choices. There are no right and wrong choices! Choose foods and activities you enjoy, focus on the experiences and memories you're sure to make, and take the rest in stride!


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