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Be a goal getter

Three days into 2020 and you're no doubt sick of hearing everybody and their brother talk about setting goals and resolutions - but stick with me here - I promise this is useful!

We're all for fresh starts and goal setting over here, but sometimes around the new year you can set some lofty goals and then fade off a few months in. The key to avoiding that fade is to make sure you set your goals up in a realistic way from the jump. If you're thinking "well crap, I've already set my goals so it's too late" - it's totally not! You can still do a goal audit of sorts to make sure you've set SMART goals. The SMART approach helps you make sure you address all of the important components of goal setting and set yourself up for success. Go through the quick questions below to make sure your goals are SMART!

S - Are your goals specific? Did you answer the who, what, where, and why of your plans?

M - Are they measurable? How are you going to track your progress along the way?

A - Are they attainable? They shouldn't be too hard or too easy. Kind of like Golidlocks - they need to be juuustt right.

R - Are they relevant? Does it truly matter to you that you complete your goal? If it doesn't, it's time to reevaluate!

T - Are they timely? Do you have a deadline of when you are going to complete your goal? Open-ended goals can get lost in the shuffle of daily life.

If you need a little extra help to set SMART goals, you can sign up for our email list to get a FREE SMART goal worksheet!

Maintaining motivation to stay on track with your goals can be difficult, especially as the days and months tick by and day-to-day life creeps in. It's important to explore your personal motivation for choosing these goals and to remind yourself of those motivators regularly. Post-it notes, dry erase notes on your mirror, or reminders on your refrigerator can go a long way to help keep these in the forefront of your mind. If you don't want to post them in plain sight, just write them down somewhere! It's also helpful to share your goals and motivators with someone for a little extra accountability. For me, I not only shared my goals and intentions with Dana (duh), but I also wrote a whole blog post about them and talked about them on our podcast. Now I have a whole community of y'all to help me stay accountable   😊 .


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