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Where's the value?

Our most common question in our business is "Why are your services so expensive?" Usually followed by "Well, I can get a nutrition plan from Joe Schmoe for $9.99, maybe I'll just do that". Y'all. Being a registered dietitian (RD) is hard in today's world where anyone and everyone can position themselves as a "health and wellness expert". Now..let me make a quick disclaimer. There are TONS of amazing experts out there that are awesome at what they do and have the education and credentials to back it up, but there are also 3x that amount that have no background or credentials and are selling a "quick fix" or a canned plan that will "fix all of your problems" There is no quick fix, and the same plan and information doesn't work for everyone.

The reason our services are priced higher than those is simple. It's the VALUE that you get along with it. Registered dietitians are true nutrition experts. We complete a bachelor's degree, a supervised practice program, and then sit for and pass a national exam. This takes years, not months. It's not a weekend certification, not an online webinar, and not easy. It takes dedication, hard work, experience, and a true passion for the profession. On top of that, we complete countless continuing education requirements to maintain our registration and licenses, stay abreast of emerging nutrition research, and learn how to best serve YOU, our clients. We recognize that nutrition is not a one size fits all approach, and never will be. Every single person is unique. Their needs, lifestyles, and goals are all different and the approaches and information we provide has to match that.

This isn't to say that ALL information that is at a low price point isn't from an expert, or isn't sound nutrition advice. There are tons of products by RDs that are priced competitively and provide GREAT info, and we may even develop a few of our own in the future. But if you're talking about one-on-one, individualized guidance and coaching, you simply can't cut corners. Individualized guidance is invaluable. How refreshing would it be to stop trying to fit the same mold that everyone else is trying to fit, and get guidance and advice that is tailored to YOU?! Having a go to expert resource in your pocket is worth gold! Imagine how much time you'll save not trying to Google all of your questions and sort through various resources trying to decide which ones are legit!

And let's talk about investment for a second. Think of all the other things you invest in. TV subscriptions, coffee shop runs, travel, hobbies, etc. What good are all of those things if you aren't well enough to enjoy them? Shouldn't you feel just as comfortable, if not more so, investing in your health and wellness? Sure, it's an expense, but tons of things are. What are you prioritizing and spending money on? Are you willing to move yourself to the front burner and invest in improving your quality of life?


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