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Happy New Year!

Well here we are y'all. Officially in a NEW DECADE! Take a hot minute to let that one soak on in. A. New. Decade. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one, but per tradition as we enter a new year it's time to set some intentions and goals and start this year off right!

If you've been a podcast listener for a while and were around at the beginning of 2019, you may remember that we like to pick a word of the year to help set a theme for the year ahead. You can either do this prior to setting more specific intentions or back into it after you choose specifics - whatever works for you! This year I backed into mine because I had a very clear picture of my intentions (more on those later). CONSISTENCY is my chosen word and theme for 2020. 2019 was quite the roller coaster for me. I moved back to Charlotte for a part-time job in April and as it usually goes with moving, spent the next few months trying to settle into my new place. I settled into a semi-routine over the summer and finally started to feel like I was getting my sea legs in the fall. Then the first dip of the roller coaster hit and I found out the clinic I have been working at is closing. Woof. What a hit. As much as I would love to say that Simply Fed is doing so great that it didn't matter, that just isn't the case yet. So back to the job market I went, looking for something part-time that would fit with my entrepreneur lifestyle. The next few months held job applications and interviews just one after another. For those of you currently in the middle of that process - I see you and I promise it won't last forever. It's exhausting, I know, but hang in there! Although I don't have specifics of my next move nailed down yet, there are irons in the fire and I have faith that everything is going to work out just fine!

As you can imagine, with ups and downs like that, a lot of things can take a back seat. I'm human too. It happens. My health. Sleep. Relationships. The amount of time I've devoted to our business. Things slipped, I dropped balls, and I wasn't always consistent - which I absolutely HATE. Consistency is something I value in others and in myself, so I've gone through a bit of frustration with myself that I just wasn't able to keep everything up. But again, I'm human. It happens. The easiest way for me to personally kick my frustration to the curb is to organize my thoughts and set goals and intentions. Perfect timing for ringing in the new year right?! I promise clearing the brain clutter and getting some things on paper helps. For 2020 I want to be more consistent in all aspects of my life - health, relationships, and most relevant to y'all - our business. My intention is to be more present on social media and the blog and to continue to build this awesome community!

My personal goals and intentions are centered around consistency as well (no surprise). I personally choose to set 3 this year - don't ask me why, there was absolutely no rhyme or reason, 3 just felt right!

1. I'm going to be intentional about moving my body every single day in some way and I plan to track my progress. For me, tracking is key. It keeps me motivated and moving forward toward my goals.

2. I'm going to focus on consistency with Simply Fed and continue to grow our tribe.

3. Last, but most definitely not least, I'm going to make a commitment to ENJOY LIFE MORE. To me this means saying yes to things more often (while still maintaining boundaries), traveling more (even if just an hour away), and trying new things at least once a month.

Here's to a happy and healthy year! What are your themes and intentions for 2020?


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