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Fitting it all in

Have you seen those memes online about trying to keep your head above water, maintaining a social life, full time job, and getting in workouts? The struggle is real sometimes, we feel ya! Life is messy, some days are weird, and you just have to do your best and keep on truckin’. So, let’s chat strategies to help you make it through!

Prioritize It

The number one thing that we’ve found to be successful for ourselves and our clients is to front burner your personal health and wellness. That doesn’t mean it has to be the ONLY thing on your plate, it just means you need to place value on self-care - and NOT feel guilty about it. It is more than OK to devote time every day to yourself! Most of us keep track of our meetings and appointments in one way or another - try adding your workouts into that mix and see how it goes! If you have a shared calendar for work that others may see or have access to, come up with a label that is a bit more cryptic than “gym” or “workout” to plug into your calendar. This strategy will help avoid requests to move your workout time for other meetings and appointments. This is an especially good strategy if you are motivated by to-do lists! If you write something down (or type it into a calendar) you’re much more likely to hold to that task than if you just have it in your mind as a general “I should do that at some point” to-do. Create the time and space and see what happens!

Keep It Simple

There’s a terrible misconception that you have to spend an hour or more in the gym every day to improve your health or see outward results. Newsflash: this is a load of bull! If you can find 20 minutes in your day, you can fit in a workout - and to start, if you can’t fit in a full 20 minutes all at once - break it up into small segments! Remember, there are no rules here! Bodyweight exercises are a great place to start, because you can do them anywhere! Use what ya mama gave ya! Pick out a couple exercises and create your own circuit, or give the example below a try for a couple days.

10 Jumping Jacks

20 Push Ups

10 Jumping jacks

30 Squats

10 Jumping Jacks

40 Squats

10 Jumping Jacks

:60 Plank

Repeat 2x

Just getting started with moving your body on a regular basis can make a huge difference! Once you start incorporating it into your day, you may be surprised how much you come to value that time and look forward to it. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it!

Keep It Fun

I have clients tell me ALL the time things like “well I hate to run, but I do it” or “ugh, burpees - I HATE burpees”. My response is usually always the same: “then why do you do it”? Exercise is not meant to be torture! Pushing yourself is one thing, but if you are miserable and hate a certain type of exercise - don’t do it! Exercise, just like food, should be ENJOYED. Choose activities you like and I promise you will stick to it much more than those you despise. If you don’t have one or two activities that automatically come to mind, that’s OK too. Try out some new activities and classes until you find some new things you enjoy! A lot of fitness classes and studios offer free passes or community classes to give you the opportunity to shop around a bit - take advantage of those!

Be Flexible

Life happens. Things don’t always go the way you have planned. That’s OK! That’s half the fun of living right?! Prioritize yourself, build your workouts into your daily plan, but remember to be comfortable rolling with the punches too. If life gets in the way and you need to skip a workout one day, cool. One workout doesn’t make you, or break you. It’s about consistency. If you have to skip that workout, don’t over analyze it, just hop right back on track the next day. Above all, just remember to be true to yourself and ENJOY your life! After all, you only get one - let’s make it AWESOME!


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